Suits and ties are not allowed during Building Scalable Ventures 2022! We’re here to learn, have fun and meet other venture builders. See you next week!

Meet our DJ: Hugo Joss

Besides all the interesting sessions we’ll host during our event, we also make sure you have some time to let it all sink in. During those moments we present to you… Our DJ Hugo Joss! Hugo Joss (Jos Mechielsen ) started his dj-career when he was only 14 years old. His catchy sounds made him […]

#18 Meet our speaker: Mauro Maltagliati

Meet our speaker: Mauro Maltagliati is a serial entrepreneur and former co-founder of CornerJob (1m monthly recurring users) and currently board member of Mamazen, an Italy based venture studio. Mauro will host a session on “Scaling and Managing Team Dynamics”, a session on managing the team dynamics within the co-founding team.

#17 Meet our speaker: Marc Wesselink

#17 Meet our speaker: Marc Wesselink is a serial entrepreneur who launched 12 companies and failed 4 times, currently co-founder of venturerock a digital venture capital platform and ecosystem of founders. Marc will host the session “Fierce Founders Fight”, a session on the Energy and Mindset needed to successfully build a new venture.

#16 Meet our speaker: Michael van Lier

#16 Meet our speaker: Michael van Lier is a serial entrepreneur and currently the Founder & MD of Builders, a startup studio focussed on building software companies for the future of work and living. Michael will host a session on “Venture Building: the battle against the unavoidable slowdown”.

#15 Meet our speaker: Alper Celen

#15 Meet our speaker: Alper Celen is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Enhance Ventures, a venture studio for the future of finance and commerce. He is an avid studio enthusiast and sits on the board of GSSN and moderates its popular “Studio Bootcamp”. Alper will do a keynote on “Venture Building at Scale” and he will host […]

Enjoy this program during Building Scalable Ventures

Our Program! Learn from the best venture builders how to build a fast growing company. How do you create an exceptionally strong co-founding team? What is the best methodology to bring your product super fast to the market? Is Venture Capital the right source of funding for you? And which Mindset is required to generate […]

#14 Meet our speaker: Robbie Crabtree

#14 Meet our speaker: Robbie Crabtree is a deep expert on Fundraising and the founder of Performative Speaking, an US based agency training tech founders to turn into world-class storytellers. Robbie has helped founders in raising more than $235m in funding. Robbie will do a keynote on “Venture Building Landscape” and he will host a session “Funding: the […]

#13 Meet our speaker: Atilla Aytekin

#13 Meet our speaker: Atilla Aytekin is the CEO and co-founder of Azerion, a leading media and gaming platform with over 400+ million monthly users, with more than 1.200 employees in offices across 21 countries and with a listing on the EURONEXT in Amsterdam. Atilla will share his extraordinary story of how Azerion became one of the leading gaming and […]

#12 Meet our speaker: Jelle Hoffenaar

#12 Meet our speaker: Jelle Hoffenaar is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and sold two companies, after which he has invested in 20 companies and realized multiple exits. Jelle will host a session on “Raising money: Keep it real”, a session from the perspective of an Angel Investor dealing with start- and scaleups.