#11 Meet our speaker: Reinder Lubbers

#11 Meet our speaker: Reinder Lubbers is a former Olympic rower and currently investor and Managing Founder of Venture Capital firm No Such Ventures, a growth investor offering equity funding between €2m to EUR €8m for high growth companies. Reinder will host a session on “The raw truth about fundraising: a VC’s perspective”, a session on the interaction […]

#10 Meet our speaker: Scott Kennedy

#10 Meet our speaker: Scott Kennedy is a serial entrepreneur and investor. Currently he is the CEO of Workaround and Founding Partner of Kennedy Ventures. Scott will host a session on “Equity split between co-founders”, a session on addressing the difficult topic of fairly dividing the shares between co-founders.

#9 Meet our speaker: Jeff Zias

#9 Meet our speaker: Jeff Zias is an Innovation Leader at Intuit, a $9,6 billion NASDAQ listed company, ex-Apple and author of “The Intrapreneur’s Journey”. Jeff will host a session on “Creating a Thriving Corporate Innovation System”, a session on an Industry winning approach on innovation.

#8 Meet our speaker: Prateek Sanjay

#8 Meet our speaker: Prateek Sanjay is a high energy Entrepreneur based in Norway, CEO & Founder of Foundraisr and a deep specialist in finding the right investors for your funding campaign through his vast global network of business angels. Prateek will host a session on “Angels: Catch me if you can”, a session on identifying and approaching the right investors […]

#7 Meet our speaker: Afif Afifi

#7 Meet our speaker: Afif Afifi the CEO of AFIFI GROUP, a conglomerate with over 2.000 employees in Transportation, Tourism, Information Technology, Investments, Real Estate and International Trade. Afif will host a session on “Building with Resilience”, a session on how to build a venture which is able to endure the challenges of generations.

#6 Meet our speaker: Raja Skogland

#6 Meet our speaker: Raja Skogland is a serial entrepreneur and investor who has invested in more than 50 ventures. She is based in Norway, but operates globally. Raja will host the session “the next big disruptors”, a session on high potential industries and venture ideas. 

#5 Meet our speaker: Miguel Martin

#5 Meet our speaker: Miguel Martin is a highly active international investor, mentor, ecosystem builder and High Commissioner for Spain at the World Business Angels Investment Forum. Miguel will host the session “International Funding & Expansion, smart 2×1 strategy”, a session on how to approach fundraising & internationalization in a smart way. 

#4 Meet our speaker: Zeynep Turudi

#4 Meet our speaker: Zeynep Turudi is the Founder and CEO of UK based Truede Ltd, a confectionery brand exporting to over 35 countries, and Founder & CEO of Employin5, an unique recruitment platform using AI. Zeynep will host the session “Execution (b)eats Strategy”, a session on why the right energy and mindset is so important for venture builders.

#3 Meet our speaker: Eddie Whittingham

#3 Meet our speaker: Eddie Whittingham is a serial entrepreneur based in the UK and currently the founder and CEO of GoFounder, a community for startup founders. Eddie will explain how he built a multi-million business from scratch with an exit to a NASDAQ listed company without any external funding during the session “Bootstrap with a Big Bang”. 

#2 Meet our speaker: Farhad Mohammadi

#2 Meet our speaker: Farhad Mohammadi is a serial entrepreneur and investor. Former Co-founder of Pony Zero, from zero to multi million in annual revenues in 5 years with an exit in 2018, CEO and co-founder of Mamazen, an Italy-based Venture Studio and founder and board member of StudioHUB Startup Studio Community. Farhad will host on day one a session […]